Monday, 30 May 2016


According to the website of Le Fresnoy; "The role of Le Fresnoy is to foster innovative work, especially productions involving digital and multimedia creative tools. It is not unusual for artistic projects at the Studio to explore new possibilities in computer applications, pursued in collaboration with research laboratories and companies in the private sector." Beyond its capacity as a centre for contemporary art, Le Fresnoy is a laboratory for students to play in. Students sit between the level of masters and doctorate/post doctorate study and the competition to get in seems fierce. And its no wonder why, the building is awesome! Not to mention all of the kit and connections Le Fresnoy has, I picked up application details as this place seemed mega tempting.

As its full name - National Studio - indicates, it is a place of production (studio) as well as study. Its aim is to enable young artists to produce works using professional standard equipment under the direction of established artists. The emphasis is on breaking down the barriers between media and languages.

The work of production is complemented by an ambitious communications policy. This includes various exhibitions and events which explore all aspects of creativity, in particular 'Panorama', when all the works produced at Le Fresnoy are presented under the auspices of a guest chairman every year in June.

The theoretical and practical work embraces all audiovisual languages, from electronic and traditional media (photography, cinema and video) to digital technology and other state of the art media developments.

Where do I sign up?

Cracking bit of 3D projection mapping - bad joke I know.

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