Monday, 30 May 2016


Week two of the build led to some late nights and difficult curatorial decisions, but knowing less is more I knew I had to be brutal and that annoying canvas screen above had to go. 

After negotiating a spaghetti junction of cables the Oculus Rift is good to go. 

The sculpture room has proved a tricky room to curate my work in and funnily enough what you would think would be the easiest area to place work (the only conventional white wall) actually proved the most difficult. 

In order to establish my influences and research I created a mind map in my studio over a period of weeks to try and establish my thoughts on my coining of the term Printmaking 2.0. It was an extremely useful exercise downloading all of my thoughts onto one piece of paper (ok it was a rather large piece of paper). I titled the mind map Google only knows the answer if you know the question to allude to our reliance on machines and technology to know and do things for us, however intelligent these devices are at present most still require a human input, i.e. Google can only help you if you know what your searching for - how many times have you tried Googling something you don't know the name of? 

To develop my mind map I started to branch out starting with Printmaking 2.0 as the centre, choosing to draw straight onto the wall after watching  a video on  Sol LeWitt's Scribble Wall Drawings. This video contextualises and influences my reasoning for drawing my mind map straight onto the wall, there is something very raw about drawing straight onto the wall and echoes the idea of bringing the outside in by referencing tagging/grafitti on the streets of Nicosia.

Ready to roll for assessment, I've placed my portfolios in the space.

I know why the tennis balls are there, anyone who really knows me will know exactly why there's three tennis balls. 

I'd originally planned to screenprint the floor of the sculpture room, however after testing the screen onto paper and canvas it was evident that the photo silkscreen of grass was going to detract from the gestural marks of the broom painted floor. This meant I had a photo silkscreen waiting in the wings to play with so in keeping with other works in my degree show I decided to whack out the montana cans of spray paint and see what would happen if I screen printed on top of a spraypainted layer. 

Acid grass

Screen print loading 

Registering the print

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  1. Dear Emily wow the whole process of your degree show is so interesting! how you explore experiment add and take away in order to reach your goal is very insightful well done Emily ! I look forward to seeing your degree show hope to come on Monday or Tuesday next week congratulations on this great achievement...having been there I know how it has changed my life forever!! Yvonne



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