Monday, 30 May 2016


During the first week of the degree show build my original plans for the sculpture room were developing as new problems were emerging. Ideas that originally seemed perfect for the space when put into action actually didn't work. The room is far from a conventional white cube gallery space and this is why I was drawn to use the sculpture room for my installation (it also helped that it was the biggest space!). I want to maintain a sense that this is a workable environment and not just an exhibition space to maintain an edge like that of the studios at Cyprus college of art (please click here). 

As the space was being emptied the challenge ahead me seemed to grow, the space felt incredibly intimidating (to contextualise the room is roughly 9.5x10.5m). However as I started to bring down work from my studio upstairs the space soon began to shrink and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.  

With each challenge the space also affords an advantage, the floor began to sing once coated in a sea of green watered down screen printing ink. Thanks to the genius suggestion of using a broom to paint the floor the green soon swept across the floor and I must say painting the floor was much more fun than the walls. There was something very expressive an gestural about using such a big brush which echoed abstract expressionist desires. awakened some abstract expressionist desires. 

As I move towards the second week of the build the pressure is on, next week I will be installing the Oculus Rift and can't wait to test my virtual tree.

If anyone finds the remote can they please hit pause, this degree show is still loading. Thank you for waiting, we will be with you shortly. 

See below for some images of the install in progress:

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