Thursday, 12 May 2016


DAY 1: After arriving at Cyprus College of Art in the early hours of the morning I couldn't wait for the sun to rise and go exploring. The territory was already familiar courtesy of my residency here nearly exactly a year previous. With the Cyprus sun glowing I ventured towards the Lemba Experimental Village armed with plates for drypoint printing deliberately sized to echo the size of large and super thing smart phones. 

The Pre-Historic Village is one of the most ancient in Cyprus, and since 1976 has been the site of ongoing archaeological excavations by the School of Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. The Lemba Experimental Village was first devised and set up in 1982 as a project of archaeological research initially investigating prehistoric buildings and the impact they have on the formation of archaeological sites. It was founded on land adjacent to the excavations carried out from 1976-1983 at Lemba.

There was something deeply intriguing about how the village is now known as Lemba Experimental Village, it made me think of Marshall McLuhan’s Global Village and influenced the body of work I went onto produce in the studios at Cyprus School of Art. I found the area fascinating and rather mild, so to take advantage of the bright sunshine I created some drypoint pieces on clear plastic, this meant that the sun acted as a projector to project the prints onto the grounds in the village.

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