Sunday, 15 March 2015


CJ Mahoney (2015) We Stepped into the shadow and did not fight against it

This site specific work by CJ Mahoney and Georgie Grace constructs an immersive experience through a range of sculptural objects, sound, video projection and large structures which intervene in the space.

Dialogues are constructed from a relationship between the different elements engaging with each other. Sound wanders through the structures whilst projections dissipate through sculptural objects to create shadows and interventions on the walls of the exhibition space. Time passes with the movement of the sun and the gallery reacts to define a presence through the movement of shadows. 

The exhibition is reactive, standing in continual flux time flickers past, building memories around the temporary structures. Elements are collaged in a temporal form as alternating layers produce different environments existing in different dimensions. Projections flow past objects and viewers who pass through take with them an element of time, a memory tied to an experiential moment. 

An element of interchangeability resonates a suspension of crystals held to alter our perception of space in a series of interconnecting and locking structures. Crystals fracture the space with light, controlling and binding the exhibition with geometric refractions.

The exhibition is on at Smiths Row, Bury until the 14th March, 2015. For more information on the exhibition click here, to find out more about CJ Mahoney click here and for more on Georgie Grace click here

See below for photographs documenting the exhibition:

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