Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Emily Godden (2015) Contorted Rock Schist [Etching print] (80x60cm)

For the MA Transformers Project at Ipswich Museum I have been working with staff in the archives and conservation lab as well as in the gallery space. Last night I gave a presentation about my idea to create a more accessible means of engagement with the geology section.

My idea was for visitors to be able to listen to the surface of different specimens, to be able to engage in a means of touch by listening to the textures and marking on the surface. The sound piece enables a condensing of hundred of thousands of years of history and time which went into the creation and formation of the specimens into short sound files.

Listen below to be able to listen to the surface of a Metamorphic rock sample. This audio file was created by scanning in my etching print, converting the JPEG file to a BMP (Bitmap) file so that the image was converted into individual pixels, using edited open source software I was able to use pixel feedback in order to achieve an output of wave forms and export as an audio track which you can listen to below:

Emily Godden (2015) Mica Schist [Etching print] (80x60cm)

Emily Godden (2015) Metamorphic Rock[Etching print] (80x60cm)



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