Saturday, 31 January 2015


Matthew Luck Galpin (2013-15) Drawings to another place... [Monoprint, graphite becoming graphene on 65mm and 35mm moving image film splicing tape with LED light panels and steel box stands]

Currently working as The Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence in the Centre for Doctoral Training in the Theoretical and Simulation of Materials in the Physics Blackett Laboratory at the Imperial College London (2013-15), artist Matthew Luck Galpin is certainly working in an exciting place. 

There's an intriguing relationship between art and science and this exhibition raises an interesting dialogue. The exhibition is the result of Galplin's discussions and time spent in the department of Physics, I can't help but wonder what some of those conversations must have been. In my head I'm imagining a confused conversation between Dr Sheldon Cooper and Tracey Emin. None the less, Dr Cooper's work involves string theory and Emin's involves duvets and monoprints and before I wonder further afield from the exhibition I'd like to comment on the steel box stands. These industrial pieces appeared sculptural in their own right and their stature echoed the form of numerous roadworks signs that were littering the streets of South Kensington at the time. 

Standing clean in clinical fashion the stray cables that powered the light boxes illuminate elements of touch and connection in the monoprints. There is a forensic echo in the drawings and before you go running off for the duck tape the drawings are constructed by splitting graphite powder between sheets made up of 65 and 35mm motion film splicing tape.  From this process of peeling layers the graphite slowly becomes graphene enabling the drawings the stand on some scientific weight to justify the strong steel stance they sit on.

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