Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Detail- Unearthed (In Memoriam ) 2014 (C) Issam Kourbaj

Informed by current events in Kourbaj’s native Syria Unearthed (In Memoriam) is an installation currently on display at St.Peter’s Church, Cambridge. 

Utilising old hardback book covers covering much of the church floor, Kourbaj has painted some covers with white or coloured paints and some with black lines to represent the ribbons placed over the photographs of recently deceased in Syria. A distant observer for the past three years, Kourbaj creates subtle works which act as quiet contemplative gestures. 

The sense of repetition in the composition and creation of the installation only intensifies the sense of destruction currently present in Syria as each book cover works together to form a larger entity and composition. St. Peter’s Church is an apt space for the installation as the work creates a dialogue with its surroundings there is the sense of a heightened meditative state. 

Each line in the work forms movement, documents a time and a passing – our access to some of the work is restricted, as perhaps is our access to the truth of events in Syria. Our views are sheltered and repressed by the media, we are manipulated as consumers and in turn we are constricted by Kourbaj.

The installation will remain at St.Peter's Church until the 26th October 2014.

Installation view

Issam Kourbaj (2014) Unearthed (In Memoriam) - Image: Uncontrolled mosaic taken and colour balanced by Chris Going (C) The Artist and Chris Going

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