Sunday, 19 October 2014


Installation view of the exhibition; Stanzas - by Henna Vainio at Outpost, Norwich

Featuring wax castings of rhubarb and a plaster and steel division panel group, Stanzas, an exhibition of work by Henna Vainio at Outpost Gallery Norwich, is full of sculptural intrigue. 

When Vainio received an invitation to exhibit at Outpost, Vainio was reading Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons which formed a starting point for the show. The press release states that Vainio was; “… interested in Stein’s method of emphasis on the sounds and rhythms of words, rather than the sense of words to describe the ordinary things in life.” This sense of structure and rhythm is fluently executed in Vainio’s sculptural process and decision making in her work. 

Stanza is a word used to refer to an arrangement of a certain number of lines forming a division of a poem, this exhibition is certainly poetic as the stanzas (or sculptures) are divided in linear fashion. This evocation of space and division creates a metre within the exhibition as each work or word in the exhibition continues the narrative. 

A strong sense of materiality is present in the array of different forms and textures in the works which refracts an array of material rhythms as the plaster in “The Length of Leaning” is divided up in a linear fashion by welded sections of steel creating a tension between materials.  Vainio refers to the act of sculptural casting becoming theatrical casting as the cast wax rhubarb sticks change the structural physicality of “Go Gold, Laugh White I” and “Go Gold, Laugh White II”. 

A sleek contemporary aesthetic binds the forms in the exhibition together as the minimal exhibition reflects the structural philosophy of Gertrude Stein which in some aspects initiated its creation. See below for photographs documenting the exhibition:

Kind Cuts (glass,paint,wax and mdf), 2014

Forgroud; Colour Loss (plaster and paint) 2014

The Length of Leaning (plaster and steel) 2014

Go Gold, Laugh White I (glass,paint and wax) 2014

Go Gold, Laugh White II (glass,paint and wax) 2014

Stanzas, runs at Outpost, Norwich until the 21st October, 2014. 

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