Thursday, 28 August 2014

9780141183794 - POEM

For reasons both external and internal
The justification goes far beyond prevention.
There is something in the psychological
Situation that encourages hostility.
A certain amount of these impulses
Returns to original choices and conditions.

The equivalent phenomenon and obsessive
Illness maintained unconquerable anxiety
A capacity to exploit forbidden fears.
The reason given for this last restriction
Seems an obvious contradiction –
We do not have sufficient space.

Our interest does not require us,
The situation is rendered more difficult
That is fine to the excess of anxious concern
Of a vocabulary constantly being changed.
How are we to explain the beginning?
Connected to a motor impulse opinions change

In various obscure premonitions.
The bond of unity is conceived, regarded
A stranger even, everyone was interrogated
Freed from the need to trace ourselves
I speak of a disillusion everyone will know.
Mourning a profoundly painful performance

The disorder of self-esteem is absent, I was
Initially startled and collapsed – overwhelmed.

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