Tuesday, 26 August 2014

9780099426684 - POEM

The necessity of the moment made it impossible
Do not be annoyed if I begin treating you the same.
Nothing takes place but an interchange of words
Kept in existence by emotional forces and deception
I will answer in advance with a ‘yes’.

Using a similar sound that would be most convincing
Imagine that someone had taken a certain substance
Disturbing intention and thought - I allowed myself.
These chance actions include manipulation with our body
With the sole aim of applying sublime blue sky.

We experience the impression of strangeness
I once succeeded in identifying the stimulus.
These phantasies dominated by a transparent motive
Make possible the hypnotic sleep we withdraw,
I am under the impression we advanced too quickly.

When the need is less intense the censorship
Manifests traces in our memory without a
Simultaneous alteration or undistorted anxiety.
We usually interrupt our sleep before censorship. 

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