Monday, 25 August 2014

0415101832 - POEM

Why does paranoia have a privileged position?
I’m not going to fall into the myth of experience
The image is always integrated into order
Within this perspective traced from lived
Temporal reference points in real phenomena.
No notion is in the end more paradoxical
The source of auditory hallucination was external.

Perhaps by virtue of errors brought into focus
After a short illness consisting of delusion
The suggestion is designated the same ambiguity.
You must respect and touch upon the inadequacy
The very institution is the experiment of paranoid
Knowledge- it’s reality containing psychotic fantasy
I would go even further to climb the scale of delusions.

To run on beneath the surface determines a neurotic
Invasion called verbal hallucinations with projected
Symptoms based on totality subsisted in repression.
This is a relationship invented to explain the
Phenomena of memory, inexhaustible in combination
Disclosure prevents me from dwelling, it’s a false
Perception based on nothing besides this name.

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