Sunday, 24 August 2014

0415090547 - POEM

I do not think this a surprising subject,
Our experience which has led us to explore
This theory was to destine it to failure.
Perhaps the question will be in sharp relief,
Yet these desires are nothing but notions
Situated at the forefront of our experience.
We must maintain the autonomy and
Desire only aspirations in their chaos.

Our action suggests we are not far removed
Its beginning is opaque – characterized by
Demand – we must be patient a little longer.
The fictional process offers the paradox
The whole hallucinatory phenomenon occurs
Structure interposes itself between consciousness
The first experience of reality for the human
Is to cry by some internal illness.

We should perhaps conceive pain as a field
Open to nothing else but this discourse.
It appears as the quiet rhythmic droning
A mediator between pleasure and real rule
There is no example of ideal exhaustion
Nothing offers a satisfying explanation.
Organised around emptiness fixing form
To the illusion of space, you see vanity.

Now at the threshold – door broken
The imaginary register demonstrates chaos
Fundamental disorder of reciprocal relations
The task will be elimination of a waste
Expressed by common experience of promise-
There’s no reason why we should dream in
Our confrontation with the human condition.

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