Saturday, 23 August 2014

0415043239 - POEM

The mirror stage assumed the image
Between this virtual support structure.
This fragmented body and neurosis
Encounter existential personal error as
The imaginary transference resisted
Various kinds of therapeutic suggestion.

Delusional construction suspends shadows
Blind suppression made possible.
The reduction of symptoms based on truth,
Nothing is created without a sense of urgency
To make itself heard is the void – failure  
Seems to satisfy the condition of continuity.

To say nothing of the theory – the agreement
Divorced from the serious freedom of choice,
The abstract objectification of simulated
Experience – a connotation of absence.
Language assumes interpretation – exhaustion
Consummated in repetition of a certain code.

I am speaking by whatever name I choose
None of this is my own invention, an error
Fixing a spatializing projection of anxiety.
Such failure is symptomatic after the immense
Human laceration of meaning – this act
Of forgetting, is the origin of contradiction.

It simulates delusion placed between mirrors
It would not see itself seeing itself –
This reflection returns our image to us
Such are the structural conditions.
But it remains confused distinguished
From the system – apprehending reality.

Psychosis is really just a symptom articulated,
Necessitating a more advanced system.
It never fails to concretize the nausea
Connoting absence in its presence;
There can be little doubt,
This is why I am so anxious.

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