Sunday, 17 August 2014

0140242783 - POEM

In that space passing through awareness
The mirage of truth was under obligation;
To spare you manipulation- a sort of gap.
Neurosis creates harmony in zones of shade,
A strange temporality occurs –

Dimensions of loss veiled in analysis
Act a homage to the missed reality.
The real may be represented by absence
I see myself, it reflects nothingness in mimicry
There is an extraordinary verisimilitude –

A gaze behind – the terminal moment,
The eye carries the fatal power to separate
Analytic repetition; to reveal what it repeats,
To believe the opacity of the trauma
Designated at the closing unconscious-

Temporal pulsations and conceptual crisis,
Identification is merely a pause – termination.
Interpretation concerns the pleasure of seeing
Closing upon its own satisfaction and tension,
We apprehend the reason to believe-

The choice is a matter of knowing,
Eclipsed by the disappearance of being.
The presence is implied in masked experience
Justifying simulation as actual desire.

-Pleasure is still too much for actual equilibrium.

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