Friday, 29 August 2014

0140138013 - POEM

We have long observed real life – reality,
Occasioned by an odd outbreak of insanity
These processes strive towards internal
Satisfaction, by means of hallucination.
Struck – made to subsume external doubt
They exist together abandoning observation
For pure hysteria, in total absence of instincts.

The condition of sleep resembles illness
I think in anxiety, neurosis becomes congested.
Since we are already familiar with the idea
The mechanism of falling helps towards an
Internal draining away of imaginary objects.
The process of recovery describes truth
Calls out a higher level of performance.

Avoid applying certain abstract ideas
The substance persists between inside
Automatically regulated fluctuation.
The external world and hatred are identical,
The instinctual vicissitude of repression
Passes between flight and condemnation
Yielding the influence of mental distraction.

Intermediate links pass neurotic symptoms
Ordering an undesirable guest
In a modification, annihilating the idea
Obtaining a true knowledge of censorship.
We learn by reproducing visual images
Withdrawing from the surrounding world
We will repeat the hallucinatory wish.

There is a margin of aesthetic indifference
No complete explanation has been reached.
A wound or injury remains inflicted
Simultaneously synonymous expression
Construct a memory, the ratio between what
Is remembered and what is reproduced,
What appears is an instinct perfection.

It exercises censorship in dreams suffering
An object, the believer appeals to a
Melancholia of obsessional neurosis
Like a superficial rationalization.
These self-injurers rage against the self,
The upper layer is transparent – permanent
Traces receive impressions of a new idea.

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