Thursday, 24 July 2014


Plastic fantastic – a term almost as throw-away as the material. However the future of this oil based material is becoming increasingly slippery with its future being reduced, often underused and not recycled.

Imagine an oil free future, where plastic only exists as fragments washing up on the shore – well artist Fran Crowe imagines this future with the Museum of Beyond. Questioning what a future society will make of these plastic pieces in an exhibition currently at the Aldeburgh beach lookout, visitors are asked to re-contextualise these now unidentified plastic objects – can you help?

Perhaps 100 years from now an archaeologist will unearth a coke bottle emblazoned with the text – Amy. Will beings in the future think we worship this Amy - the God of coke perhaps? Perhaps it will be placed in the British Museum, maybe Amy will reside and converse with the Parthenon sculptures. Ridiculous you say, well what is more ridiculous is the 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square mile of sea.

The building blocks of our plastic consumerism are pinned to the wall with Lego laying the foundations for plastic play-things. Wandering up the steps and into a space filled with light and lighters – the space is literally alight with plastic.

Make plastic part of your routine, keep the beaches – this is definitely an exhibition that needs to be seen.

The exhibition is open until the 27th July 2014, see links below for images from the exhibition and more information:

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