Sunday, 13 July 2014

9781844672714 - POEM

Perhaps you find yourself being summed up,
Place is a term I often use- it leaves you hope.
You always end up in a certain place no further,
We were in what might be called a moment –
These are not things that happen as unconscious
Dreamed up thinking; thought transparent
The outcome that everyone thinks they know,
Begins to become incoherent – negative.

Its standard practice, a tenable position-
A therapy, a drug: but never a cure.
Not only is it not new, it is the main entrance.
Articulated with the everyday discourse
It’s revealing one way of dealing, we are
Entering the great performance, a higher
Mythology - a theoretical facilitation and
Mental automatism they could not see.

Hallucination inaugurates the dimension of truth -
Manufactured articulations correlate the symptom
Where you can say anything, even the truth.
Everything is a continuation of everything else,
You know the nonsense they’ve come up with;
It’s the beginning of the biological dream-
It means reason encourages us to go on sleeping.

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