Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Emily Godden (2014) Line of contact [Drypoint etching] print 50x60cm on paper 59.4x84.1cm

Since the 7th May, 2014 I've been working on a new project at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, responding to one of the current exhibitions on display; Moore in Focus - A Friendship in Letters. The project will culminate in a pop up exhibition in the Crescent Wing at the Sainsbury Centre on Saturday 31st May, 12-4pm. 

I've been experimenting and developing a few ideas and have been naturally drawn to printmaking, I'd noticed walking around the exhibition in one of the letters from the Sainsburys to Henry Moore is the text; "It was so nice to see you" (click here to view images from the exhibition).  Using data collected from asking twenty people to write "It was so nice to meet you" (changed text to; It was so nice to meet you, so as to represent the physical encounter have with tangible letters) on a postcard (data comprises of measurements of the length of the writing of each person's handwriting of the text, click here to view postcards) I translated this into twenty six lines. The lines are verticle to create a link with the typewritten letters as the paper would've been fed through the typewriter vertically. See below for images documenting the creation of two drypoint etching prints, see above for image of the prints; 

After working in print I have begun to translate the data collected from the postcards into sculptural three dimensional pieces which extrapolate the lines of text into a new dimension. The first sculpture comprises of three material, wood, string and metal. The metal washers are a reference to Henry Moore's use of metals such as bronze in sculptures such as Woman and Child. There are ten holes in each piece of wood, threaded through each hole is a piece of string which is the length of one of the lines created from the data from the postcards. See below for images of this work in progress;

Emily Godden (2014) A Correspondence [Wood, string, washers] 79.2x6.4cm and 112x6.4cm

A third piece I am currently working on is It was so nice to meet you. The piece comprises of twenty pieces of wire, each the length of one of twenty lines created from the postcards (previously mentioned above). See below for images;

Emily Godden (2014) It was so nice to see you [Wood and metal wire] wood 123.4x15cm, wire - dimensions variable

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