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Victoria Haven ( 2004) Rabbit Hole #8&9 , [Painted tape adhered to wall] 110x170 cm & 93x117cm

Featuring 57 works made between 1907 and 2014 and curated by the in demand Richard Deacon the exhibition is alight with abstract awesomeness. Presented in a presence and absence in the open a space of the Drawing Room, each drawing engages as a whole with each other in the exhibition.

“One of the things that has interested me in making this selection – aside from the intrinsic delight at looking at so many drawings – has to do with ideas about what or where is the real.”
Richard Deacon

The overarching narrative of abstraction acts as means of defining and grouping the artists featured, including drawings by; Eva Hesse, Mira Schendel, Richard Serra, John Latham, Sol LeWitt, Gordon Matta-Clark and numerous others.

Deacon appears to have curated works which capture a range of depths of abstraction in a multitude of forms and media. Works of interest include 1 Second Drawing (1971) by John Latham (phwoar that’s speedy) and Computer drawing by Darrell Viner. A pioneer in computer art, Viner created these drawings using a pen plotter and described them as a ‘journey in mark making’ and therefore drawing as a whole.

Everything begins and ends with drawing, it puts the art in heart. Everything is drawing, we make marks and read them back in whichever form they take. We move in space, we talk, we breathe and interact – art without drawing simply cannot survive. Drawing pulsates and progresses through technological developments charted within this exhibition – hopefully it will continue to beat so strongly in future exhibitions.

The exhibition runs until the 19th April, 2014.

Full list of artists included: Tomma Abts, Roger Ackling, Anni Albers, David Austen, David Batchelor, Victor Ciato, Garth Evans, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, John Golding, Lothar Götz, Frederick Hammersley, Victoria Haven, Susan Hefuna, Eva Hesse,  Dom Sylvester Houédard, Anish Kapoor, Hilma af Klint, John Latham, Bob Law, Sol LeWitt, Gordon Matta-Clark, Kazimir Malevich, Emma McNally, Sam Messenger, Nasreen Mohamedi, Jackson Pollock,  Dorothea Rockburne, Mira Schendel, Richard Serra, Kishio Suga, Darrell Viner, Alison Wilding, Richard Wright.

See below for some photographs from the exhibition:

Installation view

Installation view

John Latham (1971) 1 Second Drawing [Spray gun on primed wood], 33.2x22.8cm

Emma McNally (2010) Field 12 [Carbon pigment and graphite pencil on paper] 200x238cm - close up

Emma McNally (2010) Field 12 [Carbon pigment and graphite pencil on paper] 200x238cm - close up

Right - Mira Schendel (1964-5) Untitled [Oil on rice paper] each 46x23cm

Lothar Götz (2012) House for Karl - Heinz Adler [Gouache and silver pencil on board] 70x50cm

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