Thursday, 13 March 2014


Vicken Parsons was invited by Kettles Yard to display a number of paintings and sculptures within the permanent collection of the house.
The paintings act as refreshing secrets lingering within the existing collection of works to brighten up the modernist pieces with some contemporary zing. An intimacy is generated from the layering of oil paint which sets the pieces off against the washed white wall space of Kettles Yard house. Each painting invokes an overarching narrative with surrounding works to engage a conversation of colour and changing formal elements within painting.

 Sitting on bookshelves and suspended on walls Parson’s paintings form a narrative within the house which weaves a linear web across the winding spaces of the house. The light compositions linger in the space to engage with the viewer asking them not just to look, but to move – whether it mean kneeling down or poking your head round a corner, Parson’s paintings act almost as a magnifying glass for the existing collection – casting fresh eyes into an ageing collection morphing into a monument to Jim Ede. 

See below for images of Vicken Parson's paintings at Kettle's Yard:

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