Wednesday, 1 January 2014

9780141197555 - POEM

Nothing could be seen, not a glimmer of presence
There’s a silence that’s not certain yet- it was visible.
The abrupt silence was no doubt pleasing, I’m a stranger,
You’re no doubt surprised and delighted by these words,
Shouting was the only way to communicate with them.

The answer came back; they were no longer visible,
When the question was discussed they all had doubts.
It sounds absurd, but it’s true, it’s very awkward for me,
Not knowing for certain its suffocating, I’m going to look.
However much I respect you, you’re still a stranger.

I’m not denying it’s possible, I would ask you not to,
The boundaries are worked out, everything is registered.
I don’t dare express myself on the subject on my own,
There’s an element of truth in your view, tell me;
You’re the stranger I spoke to, nothing is lost if we accept.

How calm this conviction more desperate than freedom
The contradiction obeying distant directives couldn’t improve.
I dream, I really do, there’s no quiet place here on earth,
None of this was too painful - it’s another of life’s torments;
With your sympathetic words, you did what was not easy.

My past came back to me in your words, I heard my future-
There was no awkwardness anymore, that’s behind me.
From all you’ve told me, I believe I see clearly now,
I’m not afraid. If I hesitate it’s because I still have my doubts
This was nothing to do with the externals.

The body will only keep going for so long,

It made the connection possible.

Poem constructed as I progressed through 'The Castle' by Franz Kafka (cover image below)

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