Friday, 3 January 2014

0803283539 - POEM

I tried to shelter somewhere; to recover from myself,
How can something arise from its opposite truths?
The separation into body and soul is the highest use,
Out of a concern for happiness there is nothing.
With negative qualities the harmless future
Stimulates images from the mind – visual impressions.

They must interpret this event correctly, prevail error-
Our feelings of space and time are false conclusions.
It is one of the disharmonies of existence –
Knowledge can only allow pleasure and unpleasure,
I could just as well imagine a different self-reflection;
We forget an error called responsibility, called freedom.

To this extent it is erroneous, a shadow and untruth-
We feel it more painfully when we ourselves do it.
There is more happiness to be found than eyes see,
Want of silence is universal; to be sure we suffer,
We cut ourselves in order to cure ourselves –
Each step in progress, each error, causes great pain.

If we imagine ourselves, there is nothing outside.
A certain false psychology ceases to be, to exist;
An opportunity relives itself by self-denial, it
Takes over a number of moods and feelings –
It lays a gauze over reality and unfinished thoughts.
All must become experimenting imitators.

The best has been inherited from feelings of time
I am aquitted, take the side of the intellectually weak.
It looks chaotic, haunted by ghosts of the future-
There is a gap in the logical untouched abstraction.
We can separate sections as autonomous irony-
A dialogue is the perfect conversation.

The intention of influencing the masses from
Silent isolation to try the power of their lungs,
I make myself impossible; the past is built on error.
In these dangerous dreams innocent corruption
Is impossible, it breathes the exposure of weakness,

Negative advantages force our pain to freedom.

Poem constructed as I progressed through 'Human, All Too Human' by Friedrich Nietzsche (cover image below)

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