Wednesday, 1 January 2014

0140445137 - POEM

Perhaps some play on words or patience has expanded
The will to truth; tempting us with questions
Is it any wonder we lose our patience- who is it?
The pause and doubt on the threshold speak seriously,
Having read their lines I tell myself the ultimate goal-
There is nothing decided and decisive, itself a power.

It creates the world in its own image, the problem;
There is disbelief in all that has been constructed-
Nothing new or genuine we ought to acknowledge.
Reality let us stop and reflect, the dream disappeared
But is that an answer, an explanation, an interpretation?
There are still harmless self-observers who still believe.

We ought to get free from the seduction of words,
Let us therefore be cautious, consciousness adheres.
Who obeys sensation, constraint, compulsion; ourselves?
The power of prejudices has penetrated deep-
What strange simplification, free, easy and false.
From the beginning we understood how to retain ignorance.

Instead of the consequences an inversion of perspectives
In belief needs interpreting – we may adopt today.
Nothing is given as real, except our world of desires;
We can sink to no other reality, thinking is the relationship.
A questionable question I could believe, the expression;
of self-contradiction itself; the compass of inner experience.

Still un-exhausted, repeat these beautiful words;
A future bliss against nothingness is fear who exists.
I listened for an echo, what we do in dreams we forget,
Our conscience submits for the promotion of happiness.
To ask again, is greatness – possible today? They imagine
With all our dangerous curiosity, I now suggest change.

They call it freedom, an indescribable anxiety perfecting
Ourselves a problem and refusal to let it approach.
Signposts to the problem evoke dangerous and beautiful
Thoughts touching on what is to me – corruption,
Something fundamentally different, its sublime sacrifice
Let us at least be honest with ourselves.

There is a delight in the nuances of those who wait.

Poem constructed as I progressed through 'Beyond Good and Evil' by Friedrich Nietzsche (cover image below)

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