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TURNER PRIZE 2013 - Wantee?

Established in 1984 (make as many Orwellian analogies as you wish) the Turner Prize is awarded to an artist living/working in the UK under the age of 50. Typically being French, female and a Turner Prize winner is an unlikely combination. However with fourteen out of the past 29 Turner Prize winners having studied at UAL (University of the Arts London), graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2001 with a BA in Fine Art, Laure Prouvost the Turner Prize 2013 winner usurped her heavily favoured counterparts to highlight the ever unpredictable nature of  the Turner Prize.

Prouvost’s winning work includes a video installation inspired by Kurt Schwitters in an installation of her fictional grandfathers house whom is described as being a conceptual artist. The witty weaving of fact and fiction; “takes viewers to an inner world, while making reference to the streaming of images in a post-internet age.” (2013 Turner Prize Panel) 

Works by the shortlisted artists for the 2013 Turner prize. Clockwise from top left: David Shrigley; Laure Prouvost; Lynette Yiadom-Boakye; Tino Sehgal. Images courtesy the artists.

Displayed at Tate Britain’s Schwitters in Britain exhibition earlier this year – shown in an immersive installation of the grandfather’s dated house – the work was commissioned to explore the lasting legacy of the German artist. Wantee was the Schwitters’ nickname for his partner, who liked to offer him frequent tea.                    


Turner Prize 2013, Laure Prouvost Installation view, © Laure Prouvost - Tate Photography: Lucy Dawkins

In the history of the Turner Prize, there has never been a printmaker win, – with painting, sculpture and video/installation works being heavily favoured in recent years, will traditional media make a comeback - not just in the Turner Prize, but in contemporary art as well? –Who knows, next year the Turner Prize is going to be in its thirtieth year of existence, with anything being possible work could range from post-post- modern painting to recycled conceptualism or even borrowed time sculpture.

Whatever happens I’m sure red tops and culture vultures in 2014 will enjoy creating condescending comments on the contemporary artwork featured in what is sure to be another contentious array of art.  

TateShots: Turner Prize 2013 Nominee, Laure Prouvost

A visit with Turner Prize 2013 nominee Laure Prouvost in her London studio to discuss her unique approach to filmmaking:

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