Tuesday, 24 December 2013

0486285154 - POEM

In order to keep a distance I picture the moment,
We shall do a great deal once we run parallel
The metaphysical miracle as separate worlds of dreams.
The appearance speaks to us, but when this dream
Is most intense, this reality in which we live
Must include that delicate boundary in measured restraint.

Impulses are satisfied, to say nothing of the phenomena
May wring sounds of agony, the annihilation of the veil-
Discouraged and disappointed there is nothing here.
How could they have endured existence? A perfect
World? We do not consider the question of reality.
An appearance of appearance is the counter appearance.

Invisible to those wrapped in floating sublime gestures
Running through the entire chromatic scale of passions
I have removed blissful peace into the stress of desire.
I do not think I am unreasonable, in reality we must realize
There is no longer any use in comfort in impregnable barriers.
We must always remember a purely passive attitude.

Counterfeit passions and masked words exhibit a happy state
The invisible chorus yielded to their demands, let us think-
We must first ask ourselves, who cares? Wait till it happens.
Amid this flux of phenomena a comfort tears us in view,
We are detained by the question, the ordinary essence.
It has been shaken by the fear of its own conclusions.

They could abandon themselves in a true abstract.

Poem constructed as I progressed through the 'The Birth of Tragedy' by Friedrich Nietzsche (cover image below)

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