Monday, 30 December 2013

0141182520 - POEM

All expectations are false, we are still together.
We drive through empty streets as if I didn’t exist-
We look up in the air; it’s the only thing that matters.
Our conduct has unfortunately not been correct,
There’s nothing to complain about.

An artificial wasteland has been created here,
Nothing could be more natural, but during the pauses
Everyone gazes. An invisible danger went past.
At last I arrived; I was beginning to detect it in myself,
I don’t know, was my soundless cry, I’ve done no harm.

Morning comes flooding back like an incoming tide,
How persuasive in its power is the air? I’m standing.
My place in this world feels the need for contact,
I screamed to hear no answer; I’d like to close the door.
To repeat, I really must ask you to stop it.

However close any stranger might come to you
Don’t be too sure; restlessness passed on.
Everything called for haste, wasn’t there something?
Do not misunderstand the situation, they’re my witnesses,
It was no dream - I went back to sleep.

Falling from such a height did no damage, I think
The best thing would be if we tried to forget.
But at this point, reflections lingered no more,
This overworked an exhausted time had abstraction,
There was nothing else to distract the eye.

Without being distracted by false whipserings, you believe.
Today it cannot be denied, I was at a loss for something…
That’s how it is; I wasn’t going to waste any time.
They do not know our language, I wanted to sleep,
I find myself unable to comply with your request.

I can still recall the sound; I have to be careful,
I repeat, I felt no desire - I do not share the anxiety.

Poem constructed as I progressed through 'Metamorphosis' by Franz Kafka (cover image below)

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