Sunday, 3 November 2013


For my painting workshop I have decided to continue exploring the theme of existence by attempting to take apart and reassemble my paintings into a new being/form. Inspired by the work of painters such as Angela De La Cruz and Markus Dobelli I decided to work on a relatively large scale (initially). 

Angela de la Cruz
Super Clutter XXL (Pink and Brown) 2006
© courtesy the artist and Lisson Gallery, London

After experimenting with painting on cardboard previously I decided to start off by applying a few layers of white emulsion onto the card.

I planned to paint and layer my NAUSEA steganography/code drawings (click here for more information about the drawings) using paint, however I also attempted to explore layering text and numbers to make the code more present. 

After painting the first layer I then decided to change my plan and draw out a steganography/code drawing on top of the painting. 

Instead of then painting a third layer on top of the now mixed media painting I decided to incorporate text and numerical code to add a new dimension to the paintings. To further develop my paintings I decided that I wanted to take them apart, now there were a few ways I could do this, but I decided instead of taking them apart and e.g. Stitching them back together I wanted to permanently change their state of being. This led me to burn both of my paintings, as a result the process becomes more significant as whilst burning the paintings emitted sound, light and heat energy. 

Image of one of the paintings being burnt

In order to store the remains of my two paintings I have placed them in two labelled jam jars, I hope to use these remains in the future by possibly grinding them down and mixing them with a liquid vehicle to construct a new painting.

I recorded each painting being burned and was intrigued by the sound of the burning and liked the idea that you could physically listen to the sound of a painting, click below to view and listen to one of my paintings being burned: 

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