Friday, 11 October 2013

1846550092 -POEM

The true path is long, all human errors 
Stem from impatience; from paradise.
There is no more turning back - 
As yet nothing has happened, forcing
The true explanation, you would be wrong.

I've never been here, it keeps happening,
It can be calculated- flung a distance.
There are innumerable hiding places,
The positive is already within us.
Not knowing is the fantasy...

An answer to my question I asked,
They were offered the choice, belief
In progress, in the constructed world.
Everything is deception, a question -
We are living in a false belief, test yourself.

No one can be satisfied understanding alone,
Perhaps withdrawal is suffering the void.
You wouldn't be able to look it claimed,
Don't wait, the whole world will be unmasked.
                  -  It will writhe in ecstasy. 

Poem constructed as I progressed through the 'The Zurau Aphorisms' by Franz Kafka (cover image below)

Cover design (C) Anna Crone

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