Sunday, 22 September 2013

0140445153 - POEM

I must approach, I have been neither heard nor seen.
The ice is near, the solitude terrible, I bid you lose me-
Find yourselves. Only when you have denied me, will I return.
I lived through summer like a shadow, there is nothing wrong
It is only I who discovered,  I have never understood.
I wait where I stand alone, what happened to me?
How did I free myself from disgust to reflect
On something out of which nothing grows. 
It was only sickness that brought me to reason-

I discovered all these abysses in myself
It is like an afternoon in October, I don't know
How I can avoid answering the question. 
I have the right to understand to say something
Almost every sentence is the expression of idealism.
The sound of the voice has completely changed,
The ideal is not refuted, in vain I scanned my memories
I was overcome with impatience at myself.

I stopped, then this idea came to me, a perhaps 
Insignificant symptom of the condition of this year.
Pain does not count- the concept of revelation
Becomes visible, audible - I have never had any choice.
I was perfectly vigorous and perfectly patient,
The task for the immediately following years was clear
They feel free to discuss everything I fear.

They have decided about me, with that there is nothing
Now they preserve their existence as much at the 
Expense of the truth as at the expense of the future.
Have I been understood?
Have I been understood?
Have I been understood?

Poem constructed as I progressed through the novel 'Ecce Homo' by Friedrich Nietzsche (cover image below)

Cover (C) Penguin

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